Our Facilities:

Starwake Cable Park in Ravenna has two lakes for practicing wakeboarding and waterskiing.
Both of them are equipped with Sesitec’s System and Full Size Cable with Unit Structures.

Services for our members:

  • Full size SESITEC 6 poles cables with 8 UNIT hurdles
  • System 2.0 SESITEC with 2 UNIT hurdles
  • Wake equipment lease
  • Bar service
  • Toilet and warm shower service
  • Kids area
  • Barbeque area
  • The Famous CHIRINGUITO

Guests and  members can also enjoy the facilities and extra services provided in the sport focused area where Starwake Cable Park is based in:

  • Tennis clay
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Beach tennis courts
  • Lake for fishing
  • Traditional local food and pizza cooked in wood oven
  • Gym
  • Soccer field
  • Summer Camp for Children
  • Swimming pool with swimming lessons and water gymnastics

Near Starwake you can visit Mirabilandia Park ( Amazing entertainment park. Dining, shopping and attractions )